Congress In September: Impeaching President Trump

District of Columbia — Its been talked about since his inauguration on January 20th, 2017, its been proposed before the House of Representatives three times during his tenure, and now an inquiry is being launched by the House Judiciary Committee to determine whether or not President Donald Trump should face impeachment. President Trump is undoubtedly one of the most unconventional, anti-establishment, controversial President’s in our nations history, with his every move being examined under a microscope of scrutiny by the media and his political opponents. It is known that President Trump isn’t a highly truthful President, he is possibly the harshest, most critical President ever, and his businesses have cast some doubt over conflict of interest issues but has he done anything worthy of impeachment? That will be up to the split, partisan Congress to decide on.

Democrats hold a firm majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans hold a small majority in the Senate, so is impeachment really a possibility for President Trump? Well impeachment is a two step process: Impeachment and conviction. The House of Representatives is responsible for impeaching the President, while the Senate is responsible for determining if he is guilty and should be convicted, which would remove him from office. Contrary to popular beliefs, the President doesn’t have to commit a crime to be considered for impeachment and the Supreme Court cannot intervene in an impeachment decision, giving Congress an almost unobstructed path to impeachment of a President. Here are two examples of that unobstructed path in action with past president’s:

Jon Tyler — President Jon Tyler was subject to numerous inquiries throughout his time as President, but the first ever impeachment proceedings against a President were launched due to him vetoing a tariff bill, a completely constitutional right and power of the President.

James Buchanan — The “United States House Select Committee To Investigate Alleged Corruptions In Government” was established to investigate President Buchanan throughout his entire tenure, leading to one of the most partisan attempts at embarrassing a President in American history. Although it did root out a lot of corruption within the administration, they never did find anything impeachable by President Buchanan himself.

As for President Trump’s situation, impeachment isn’t likely at all. Although Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler has launched an impeachment inquiry, and over half of the Democratic caucus within the House of Representatives have called for impeachment, it faces resistance from Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Additionally, if impeachment were to be successful in the House, the Republican controlled Senate is all but destined to reject it and acquit President Trump, similarly to Democrats with Bill Clinton in 1999.

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