Representative Sean Duffy To Resign September 23rd

District of Columbia — Effective September 23rd, the Republican Party will have another seat to fill in Congress, continuing a trend of GOP retirements and resignations that have plagued the party with the 2020 Presidential Election approaching in a little over 15 months. Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) announced his resignation effective September 23rd, which is due to expected health complications for his ninth child, who is due in October. According to the resignation, the child faces a heart condition that requires the Senator’s attention away from Washington.

Representative Duffy served in Congress for nine years, representing the 7th District of Wisconsin. While in Congress, Rep. Duffy sponsored a bill that would’ve dropped the national debt by spending money left over from President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package, he served on an investigative panel that investigated Planned Parenthood, supported President Trump’s travel ban, and introduced legislation to address Puerto Rico’s government debt crisis. With his departure, the House numbers would stand as 235 Democrats, 196 Republicans, 1 Independent, with three vacant seats. With his resignation, that puts 13 Republican and 3 Democrat incumbent seats completely up for grabs, along with 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat in the Senate.

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