President Trump Has Appointed 24% Of America’s Appeals Judges

District of Columbia — Facing a historical backlog of judicial nominees, President Donald Trump and the Republican controlled Senate is historically overhauling the judicial system with the President’s nominations to federal appeals courts. By comparison to the last five Presidents, President Trump has appointed and confirmed almost a quarter of the entire federal appeals court, an unprecedented amount of nominations for a President in their first three years of office. In addition, President Trump has also appointed two Supreme Court justices with a potential for more if he is reelected in 2020. Of the President’s appeals court confirmations, 77% have faced some sort of opposition in the Senate.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Judicial Tracker, President Trump has also appointed 17% of the nation’s circuit court judges, with only George W. Bush and Bill Clinton having a similar or higher percentage of appointments in their third year as President to the circuit court. These numbers have been a reflection of a Republican controlled Senate that has sustained the majority since early in President Obama’s first term, a stronghold that the Democratic Party has struggled to regain control of, even three years into the Presidency of Donald Trump. Democrats have performed equally historic opposition to the President’s nominees, with over 25% of Democrats opposing circuit court nominees 51.4% of the time and appeals court nominees 18.6% of the time.

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