Border Patrol Arrests Drop Over 20% In July

District of Columbia — Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan released data on Thursday showing a significant decrease in arrests along the U.S.-Mexico Border by Border Patrol, dropping from a record 144,000 in May to just 82,000 in July.

In a prepared explanation, Acting Secretary McAleenan gives large credit to an agreement with Mexico to keep migrants in their custody during their proceedings, along with emergency congressional funding received in May. Others will also note the hot weather during summer months as an environmental factor to the decrease.

Acting Secretary McAleenan also stressed that although its progress, there is still much to be conquered, “The situation is improving by every available metric, but, I want to be very clear, that we remain at and beyond crisis levels in illegal crossings even as our initiatives to address irregular flows and mitigate humanitarian conditions are making an impact.” Other statistics of note include Guatemalan migrants dropping by 41%, El Salvadorians by 21%, Hondurans 16% and 11% from Mexico.

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