Federal Judge Blocks New York From Releasing President Trump’s Tax Returns

District of Columbia — A District of Columbia Circuit judge has ordered the State of New York not to release President Donald Trump’s state tax returns under the state’s new TRUST act, which allows for the state to turn over requested state returns to government officials upon request. The President sued over the new law, wanting to find out the legality of it before any returns are released under the law.

In the order, District Judge Carl Nichols directed the State of New York to refrain from releasing the President’s tax returns under the new law, even if requested by Congress as part of an oversight investigation. He also ordered state officials to notify the President if Congress were to attempt to access his returns, and set until August 9th for the state to request a dismissal of the order due to lack of jurisdiction or improper jurisdiction reasons. President Trump’s tax returns have been a point on contention for Democrats, who have repeatedly requested or threatened to access them in order to conduct investigations into the President, going as far as to hold Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena, a contempt citation that was dismissed by the Justice Department.

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