Retired Supreme Court Justice John Stevens Has Died At 99

Fort Lauderdale, FL — News broke Tuesday night that Retired Supreme Court Justice John Stevens has died, he was 99 years old. He reportedly died due to complications from a stroke.

Retiring in 2010, Justice Stevens was appointed to the United States Supreme Court in 1975 by President Gerald Ford, eventually being succeeded by Justice Elena Kagan during the Obama Administration. Justice Stevens was known for his doctored opinions on several cases, notably Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, which upheld the right of a state to require photo identification to verify only citizens were voting in elections. He dissented on Bush v. Gore, which ultimately decided the 2000 Presidential Election in favor of George W. Bush. He also opinioned that the Second Amendment reached beyond connection with service within a militia in District of Columbia v. Heller. Justice Stevens was considered to be a liberal leaning Supreme Court Justice, although he sided with both sides of the court on different issues throughout his career on the bench.

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