Labor Secretary Acosta To Resign After Epstein Controversy

District of Columbia — Amidst pressure from Democrats and others on Capitol Hill, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is resigning from his post for his role in a controversial plea deal involving sex offender and wealthy Jeffery Epstein.

While serving as U.S. Attorney in Miami, Acosta struck a plea deal allowing Epstein to serve a 13 month sentence on state prostitution charges while dropping the federal ones. In a press conference earlier this week, Acosta defended the decision stating, “The goal here was straightforward, put Epstein behind bars, ensure he registered as a sexual offender, provide victims with a means to seek restitution, and protect the public by putting them on notice that a sexual predator was within their midst.”

In response to the resignation, President Donald Trump called Acosta “a great Labor Secretary not a good one” adding “he did a good job”.

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