Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Sued For Blocking Twitter Users After Trump Twitter Ruling

New York — In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is being sued for blocking Twitter users for expressing displeasure and opposing viewpoints. The lawsuit was filed in response to a Second Circuit Court Of Appeals ruling earlier in the day, which ruled that President Donald Trump cannot block users from his personal Twitter account for expressing their viewpoints. In the ruling, the court stated that the President’s account is a government forum, restricting the President’s account actions under the Constitution.

In the lawsuit, the complainant alleges that Ocasio-Cortez blocks users to suppress opposing viewpoints, “In an effort to suppress contrary views, Defendant has excluded Twitter users who have criticized AOC and her positions as a Congresswoman via “blocking” . This practice is unconstitutional and must end.” The lawsuit also invokes the ruling of the Second Circuit Court Of Appeals, “This very practice has been litigated with regard to President Donald Trump blocking individuals on Twitter, and has recently been found unconstitutional.”

In the ruling involving President Trump, it was determined that it is unconstitutional for a politician to, “engage in viewpoint discrimination by utilizing Twitter’s ‘blocking’ function to limit certain users access to [a] social media account, which is otherwise open to the public at large, because [they] disagree with their speech.”

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