The Supreme Court Will Take On DACA Arguments In November

District of Columbia — In a schedule released Monday, it is revealed that the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding DACA on Tuesday, November 12th, with one hour being consolidated for arguments. With Monday, November 11th being Veterans Day, the Supreme Court will hear the DACA case the day after.

With the cases Dept Of Homeland Security v. Regents of Univ. Of CA, Trump, President Of U.S. v. NAACP, and McAleenan, Sec. Of Homeland Security v. Vida being combined for the hearing, the decision will certainly be a landmark decision not only for DACA, but for the extent of power the Executive Branch holds for immigration law.

DACA is a program instituted by executive order by President Barack Obama, which allows for illegal immigrants, who arrived as children, to receive legal status in the United States if the immigrants meet certain program criteria. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the gradual end of DACA in 2017, but four injunctions have been put in place by district courts on the matter.

President Donald Trump and Republican leaders have asserted the program to be illegal, as it was instituted via executive order instead of being passed as legislation by Congress. Democrats have defended the legality of DACA, bashing Republicans for attempting to end the program.

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