President Trump Keeps His Independence Day Speech Non-Partisan

District of Columbia — Despite the fears of some Americans, both from the left and right, President Donald Trump kept his Independence Day speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial non-partisan in nature, instead telling the stories of America’s detailed history and recognizing the accomplishments of individual citizens.

When it was announced that President Trump would hold a speech during the Independence Day festivities in Washington, it sparked concerns that the President would “hijack” the festivities with a campaign rally type speech. Those speeches usually involve criticizing the media, bashing Democrats, and other things typical of a hyper partisan message. On Thursday, the President kept things to the script per say, steering away from rising political tensions to deliver a message of non-partisan and factual nature.

It is traditional for Independence Day to be a day of non-partisanship, with it being reserved for Americans to put aside their political differences to celebrate the birth of the United States. Independence Day parades also normally refrain from having political floats, keeping the tradition of non-partisanship active across the nation. Regardless of your political affiliation, the President delivered a story more than a message, a story that we’ve all learned and should celebrate.

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